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    Eminent Domain Is Wrong


Over the years, developers have offered us

millions of dollars for our land.

Time and again, we’ve refused to sell.

We’d like you to know why.

, Thor Solberg completed an historic flight across the

North Atlantic, from New York to Norway.

Several years later, he met with President Roosevelt at the

White House and told him he thought the Nazis had invaded Norway

for the purpose of using Greenland and Iceland as air bases to bomb

the United States. Our father shared with the President the information

he had gathered on his Transatlantic flight. Using this information,

the President ordered the Coast Guard to go to Greenland. When they

arrived, they found a Nazi military group installing radios to guide

bombers and other war planes toward America.

The Nazis were taken prisoner and their goal of bombing our country

was ended. American forces then moved in and established air bases that

helped support the allied war effort.

As a naturalized U.S. citizen from Norway, Thor Solberg's proudest

moment came when the President called him “a great American.”

This legacy is something that money can’t buy. And it’s not just a Solberg family

legacy, but a legacy shared by both our nation and our community.

 We hope you’ll agree that it is a legacy worth preserving.

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